About Us

Vision and Mission:

An Ireland where people who are blind and vision impaired are full and equal members of society, and are consulted on all decisions related to the services they use.

To provide a space for those who are blind and vision impaired to run social activities and supports for each other,

League of the Blind

The National League of the Blind of Ireland Trust was founded in 1898 as the first trade union in Ireland to support blind craft workers. No longer needed today as a trade union, it continues on as small charity for the blind and vision impaired. The League seeks to encourage healthy and independent living, social inclusion through activities and to support educational opportunities.

The trust is not state funded and seeks to support itself by various fundraising activities such as carolling, raffles and flag days. Weekly activities include swimming, yoga, and walking. The first Thursday of every month interested parties are encouraged to come to the hall and socialize over coffee and biscuits. The first Friday evening of the month the club bar is open to members and non-members. Some nights people are encouraged to bring instruments or sing. We host several additional themed evenings such as St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and New Years. Throughout the year pub quizzes are held as well as raffles. Seniors are supported through special evenings and transportation.